A Compilation Of 15 Hilarious Chess Memes From The World Chess Championship

Chess Memes

Chessforsharks Editorial Team

This article presents a compilation of funny chess memes with inspiration gotten from the world chess championship match between world champion Magnus Carlsen and challenger, Ian Nepo.

Currently, We’ve had 9 rounds of interesting chess from both contenders and as it stands, Magnus leads with a 3-0 wide gap over Ian with 5 games to go. If you’ve been following this match for a while, you’ll probably understand that Ian has not been in his best form, making shocking blunders in his last two games. Can he bounce back? We’ll see in future games. Meanwhile, check out and enjoy this compilation of funny chess memes.

#1 So easy to judge GM moves nowadays, isn’t it?

Chess Memes

#2 Can we see this happen? Well, he’s the GOAT…

Chess Memes

#3 Everyone sure needs a copy of this.

Chess Memes

#4 Squeezing water out of rock….Draws are to be earned bruh

FB IMG 1638949963369

#5 Time to get the pawns rolling up the board!

Chess Memes

#6 Are we looking at Mercury or Jupiter, Dear?

Chess Memes
Credit: KeenChess

#7 Effectively shooting yourself in the foot

Chess Memes

#8 Watch out for poisoned pawns!

Chess Memes

#9 Not sure this is a good strategy.

Chess Memes

#10 Magnus, The Reaper. Nepo, Watch out!

Chess Memes

#11 Karjakin and Caruana were heroes.

Chess Memes

#12 Tread with caution.

Chess Memes

#12 When the two smartest kids are arguing after an exam….

Chess Memes

#13 Backup has arrived.

Chess Memes

#14 Uh-Oh, Wrong way.

Chess Memes

#15 Is Firouzja up to the task?

Chess Memes

Hope you guys enjoyed these chess memes. Feel free to share to your chess friends and you can add some more in the comments section.

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    Magnus, the reaper, doesn’t look grim to me. He’s smiling!

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