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Product Review

Best PS4 chess game

A Review of 10 Best PS4 Chess Games

  • 7 min read

Sometimes, the screens on our phones and iPad don’t do justice to our virtual chess experience. Hence, I can see why some of us, chess lovers, opt for something next-level. Chess on PS4 is rare but you’re sure of enjoying a whole new chess experience. Without further ado, here’s our list of the best PS4… 

10 Best Chess Sets Under $100

10 Best Chess Sets Under $100

  • 7 min read

Every true lover of the Royalty Game of chess must have that trusted set that serves as a getaway from a lot of stress. Chess sets come in different sizes and standards. Due to these factors, they also come in different prices that could range from less than $10 to about 6 figures. If you’re… 

Square Off review

Introducing Square Off, World’s Smartest Chessboards: A Complete Review

  • 8 min read

Many players complain about being too conversant with online chess and how much it affects their Over-The-Board skills. Now, you no longer have to worry about your vision of the chessboard as you train. You finally have the luxury to train both virtually and physically, thanks to Square Off! What is Square Off then? Square… 


A Complete Aimchess Review: Unique Tool That Helps You Improve Your Chess!

  • 12 min read

When you see a color combination of catchy shades of purple with white, the first thing that should storm your mind is Aimchess. What is Aimchess, you ask? Aimchess is a chess platform, under the company PlayMagnus, that tracks the unique playing style of players to craft the best chess training for every individual. If…