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If you enjoy chess, you’ll enjoy regardless of your chess level. Does this enjoyment come for free or is there a cost? How much does cost then?

The basic membership is completely free of charge. You can play as much correspondence and real-time chess as you want (including blitz and bullet games), participate in the forums, and even create your blog. In addition, you will have limited access to some of our incredible learning tools.

The premium memberships include extra access to in-depth Game Reports and Analysis features, many Interactive Lessons, puzzles, puzzles rush, and videos from titled players worldwide.

If you’re considering joining, you’re probably curious whether or not the cost is worth it and what each membership level has to offer.

Here’s a breakdown of each membership type, cost and all of the features they have access to.

Basic Membership Cost cost cost

The basic account is the account that you get when you sign up. A free account grants you access to the basic features of

There are lessons here that focus on chess newbies, but anyone can access these lessons when they join You also get one Lesson of your choice each week.

You get three puzzles per practice time. You can Play Puzzle Rush and Puzzle Battle with friends five times the first day, then once per day after that.

You’ll be able to play chess in all-time settings, including Daily, Rapid, Blitz, and Bullet, but You have access to only one game analysis daily.

You can access the server’s four-player chess, bughouse, three-check, and other variants.

You can join clubs or leagues, participate in tournaments, and View your ranking on leaderboards.

You can also unlock achievements, award yourself, and send cheers and badges to your opponents and friends. In addition, you have access to an archive of your games, ChessTV, reading and creating a blog, news, and article browsing. You can also participate in the forums, complete the daily puzzle, perform limited drills, play solo chess, and use the vision trainer.

An opening library opening explorer is available to examine the first four moves of any opening and endgame practices.

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Gold Membership Cost cost cost

The Gold account is the first tier of our premium accounts and includes everything a basic version does, with additional features. As a beginner chess player, you get more resources to improve your chess with a gold account at $29 per year. 

You get an ad-free experience with 25 daily puzzles and five puzzle rushes and battles daily. In this tier, you can study any Lesson from the first two sections of the Guide and any other three Lessons per week. In addition, you have available game analysis. You can play multiple games at the same time and create your simulation. All drills in the gold account are unlocked. You can also Make your club and invite your friends to join.

All Endgame positions here are unlocked, and you can also Unlock the ability to use the opening explorer to look at any number of moves deep. 

Platinum Membership Cost

The Platinum account at $59 per year gives subscribers all features of the gold account with countless advanced puzzles with unlimited Puzzle rush and puzzle battle.

You have access to study any Lesson from the first three sections of the Guide, plus any other five Lessons per week with available analysis and review of your games.

Diamond Membership Cost cost cost

Diamond subscriptions include everything that Basic, Gold, and Platinum accounts do. It is the best subscription for you if you’re enthusiastic about chess.

Diamond membership includes videos, but the other two do not. Aside from that, lessons and tactic puzzles are limited on Gold and Platinum memberships but unlimited on Diamond.

You get unlimited reviews and explanations of moves to your games. You can also use the Insights feature to see your games’ stats and data. You also get to run a deep analysis of your games.

You can access the diamond account for $99 per year.


You can obtain all these by purchasing a premium membership. Premium membership offers unlimited openings explorers, complete engine analysis or unlimited tactics.

If you are too busy to spend time watching video lessons, you do not need to buy a Diamond membership. The platinum plan is enough. In addition, platinum offers only ten lessons daily, which is enough. The only difference between the two is: that Diamond offers videos plus unlimited interactive lessons, whereas platinum offers only ten lessons per day and no video lessons.

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