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How Much is a Chess Set in Nigeria?

How much is a chess set in Nigeria?
Tunde Onakoya at Future Awards Africa

How much is a chess set in Nigeria?

You are probably intrigued by the efforts of Tunde Onakoya and his team towards the chess in slum project, from Majidun to Makoko, to Oshodi, or you’ve been following the chess in slum project on Twitter and all other social media in any other state in Nigeria.

So you want to buy a chessboard but you don’t know its cost in your city. By the time you finish reading this, you will not only have an idea of how much a chess board but also where you can get one in Nigeria.

Standard tournament chess set

If you are an active chess player in Nigeria, then you should have a proper chess set and a clock that you take to tournaments as well as a mobile chess set that you can carry with you everywhere. With the mobile chess set, you can continue your training analysis while on your journey.

You can go for a tournament standard chess set within the range of Eight to Ten Thousand Naira (N8,000 – N10,000) in Nigeria depending on your locality and the quality of the chess set. You could also get the mobile chess set within the range of Two Thousand Naira to Three thousand Naira (N2000 – N3000). These chess sets are also available on e-commerce platforms, the likes of Jumia and Konga.

How much is a chess set in Nigeria?
How much is a chess set in Nigeria?

It is important for you as an active chess player in Nigeria to have a standard chess set because some tournaments like Chess Heights make it compulsory to come with your chess mat and clock or you rent them at the tournament venue when you have a game and you and your opponent have do not have a mat and a clock or you just have one of them.

DGT smart chessboard

Analyzing on an ordinary board can be very difficult for beginners when faced with variations, switching back and forth from analyzing positions on a computer screen to a ‘real’ chess board can be hindering your training, you should go for a DGT chess board if you can afford it.

It’s an electronic chess board that can be connected to your PC so that your analysis appears on your screen as you make your move. A DGT board costs about two hundred and forty thousand when converted to Naira (N240,000), you can order from Amazon or any other reliable e-commerce platform.

Luxury chess set

Art of War Chess Set – $750,000

Chess has always been viewed as an elitist game, many people think it’s a game only for the rich, and this is depicted many times in the movies. These chess sets are usually used for decorations in offices or homes. If you are for the aesthetics and you want to feel like an “elite”, you can consider getting a luxury chess board for your home or office to add to its beauty. 

Jewel Royal chess pieces

The cost of luxury chess set relatively depends on the cost of the material of the cost the material it’s made from and other factors. The most expensive chess sets costs Jewel Royal chess set cost over a million dollar!

You can get other types of chess sets from sports stores in your city. It’s a bit surprising that Shoprite, virtually the most popular mall and other big malls in Nigeria do not sell a standard chess set, but you can get the smaller sized sets from them on rare occasion if you are lucky enough. 

With the growing interest in chess in Nigeria, it won’t take long before Shoprite and other malls start making chess sets available as customers’ demand seems to be on an increase.

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