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How To Beat Your Dad At Chess –

How to beat your dad at chess

How To Beat Your Dad At Chess

Perhaps you’ve seen the movie critical thinking and you are inspired by Corwin Tuggles who acted the life of Sedrick Roundtree who had to beat his dad at chess then went on together with his teammates at Miami Jackson High School Chess Team to become the first inner-city team to win the United States Chess Championship.

The movie depicts the life of members of the Miami Jackson High School chess team but only Sedrick Roundtree beat his father at chess.

You can start by playing the same opening every game that you play, following the opening principles. Center pawns first, develop minor pieces and castle. Play patiently, develop naturally in the opening paying attention to king safety, control of center squares, not moving the same piece twice until all are developed.

Develop minor pieces before rooks and play the queen only when you are sure the dust has settled. Early queen moves invite tempo-wasting attacks on her majesty. Pay attention to expert players who set traps to get a quick win counting on you to play too automatically.

You should study tactics, tactics, and more tactics, you want to hit him by surprise. You can engage in tactical training on Lichess or for 5-10 minutes daily.

Play a lot of games with him, this can be very tiring especially if you don’t like to lose but it’s one the things you should do if you what to beat your dad, you play a lot, you lose a lot and you learn a lot.

Go over the games you play with a computer, you can use either the lichess or engine or any other chess engine to analyze your games. When you do this, you will be able to pinpoint the exact moment you played a wrong move that cost you the game.

As time goes on you’ll be able to correct these errors in your games, this will reduce the errors in your games. You’ll be able to understand why some of the moves you thought were cool made you lose, you will also be able to experiment with new ideas that you find interesting.

Practice, practice, and practice. You can play chess against yourself to practice when there is no one around. This can give you an idea of what your dad or any other opponent may reply to the moves you make. You have to be honest with yourself when doing this though.

As you get better, join chess clubs at school, it will allow you to know what matters to you, you can seek advice from coaches and strong players in the club. Many of your classmates may think you’re a nerd but you know what you are going for!

This will help you not just in chess but in life also as you will learn a great deal about yourself.

There is a book by GM Murray Chandler titled How to beat your dad at chess. It is highly recommended as it cut across all levels of chess from beginners level to masters. It is an elementary introduction to tactics and checkmating patterns that would be very useful for beginning or intermediate chess players, and in particular juniors.

This book will teach you up to 50 deadly checkmates and also create your own checkmating patterns you can use to beat your dad.

But if your dad is a professional chess player, you may need to pause and sit this one out if you are not ready to spend over 5 or 6 years of your life chasing this. Chess isn’t a very lucrative source of income for many people, unless you want to become a pro at chess like your dad, it is better you focus your time and energy on other parts of your life and enjoy the over-the-board schooling from your dad.

If you are keen on how to beat your dad at chess, check out 5 Of The BEST Chess Puzzles Out There! and How To Analyze Your Chess Games

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