How To Capture The Queen In Chess: The Ultimate Chess Hack

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how to capture the queen in chess
How to capture the queen in chess

How To Capture The Queen In Chess?

The Queen is the most powerful piece on the chessboard. She has the highest value point, a wide range of mobility (a queen’s movement is the combination of that of a rook and a bishop) and the ability to execute devastating attacks on an enemy king. Therefore, when you have a queen and your opponent doesn’t, it is more often than not going to guarantee you a win. 

A queen advantage is a huge advantage in chess. More often than not, a player who lost or blundered his queen will have a hard time winning the game. Everyone at some point in their chess journey has had to play a game where they lost their queen and as we all know, it can be very unpleasant. 

In this article, we will teach you the ultimate chess hack — how to capture the queen in chess. 

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Capturing your opponent’s queen early into the game gives you an overwhelming advantage on the board, not to mention the psychological effect it has on your opponent.  So get your chessboard ready as we will be going through 2 very deadly chess traps that will show how to capture the queen in chess and destroy your opponent!. 

The Fajarowicz Gambit

Not only does the name sound dangerous and deadly, but it is also a very classy way of crushing your opponent.  The Fajarowicz gambit stems from a chess opening called the Indian Defense. It begins with:

d4, Nf6  

c4, e5 

 dxe5, Ne4

Screenshot 20220419 164047 lichess 1

The move Ne4 signifies the start of the Fajarowicz gambit. Black is giving up the e5 pawn to set up a deadly trap. Your opponent will most likely capture the pawn as it looks very enticing and harmless. The sequence continues: 

a3, b6

White plays a3 to prevent black’s bishop from coming to b4 to deliver a check to the white king. By playing b6, black is essentially inviting white to attack his undefended rook on a8 with his queen. If white accepts the bait and goes for it, then he is done for. The sequence will continue: 

Qd5, Bb7

After the white queen captures our bishop, we calmly play the move Nc6. White starts panicking as he knows his queen is in danger of getting trapped. The move order continues:

Qa6, Nc5

After this move, white only has one square available to his queen, the b5 square:

Qb5, a6

Screenshot 20220419 164243 lichess 2

This deadly a6 move traps white’s queen and his best bet is to give it up for our knight which is an excellent trade as we would have a queen for a bishop and knight!. From this position, winning the game should be a piece of cake. 

The Tennison Gambit

The Tennison Gambit is derived from the Scandinavian opening. It is a deadly trap by white that can catch black completely unawares. It starts with the move sequence 

e4, d5 

  Nf3, dxe4 

  Ng5, Nf6 

Screenshot 20220419 164508 lichess

After the moves e4 and d5, white will completely ignore the threat being posed to his king’s pawn and instead play Nf3, black will naturally capture the pawn as it gives him more control and also because it’s just a free piece. From here white will play Ng5, attacking black’s pawn on d5 and black will play a natural defensive move, Nf6. From here the sequence continues: 

d3, exd3

White offers black another pawn, the d3 pawn. Black will more often than not, capture the pawn as it saves him the trouble of guarding his pawn on e4. Next white will capture the pawn with the bishop. Then this deadly sequence follows:

Bxd3, f6 

 Nxf7, Kxf7

 Bg6+, Kxg6


Screenshot 20220419 164812 lichess
At the end of the move sequence, white will capture black’s queen

 At the end of this sequence, white will capture black’s queen as every move will be forced.

So there you have it, folks, two deadly traps that show how to capture the queen in chess. Let us know what you think in the comment section.

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