IM Daniel Anwuli wins 1st edition of Capa-Tal online blitz challenge

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In a keenly contested battle between Nigeria’s best chess players, International master Daniel Anwuli(CPAN) emerged victorious as the winner of the first edition of Capa-Tal online blitz challenge. Capa-Tal online blitz challenge is the biggest online chess tournament in Nigeria at the moment, a total of 111 players participated in the 2 hrs 30 mins tournament which had a whopping total prize sum of 230,000 naira. The online games were played on the Lichess platform with a time control of 3+0 on the 13th of April,2020. To participate in the tournament, players had to pay the registration fee of 1000 naira.

IM Daniel Anwuli(CPAN) who clinched the first prize of 50,000 naira finished two points ahead of IM Aikhoje Odion(Odirovski) who earned 30,000 naira. FM Adebayo Adegboyega (Olarovfan) came third also earning the sum of 25,000 naira. There were also prizes for U-2200, U-2000,U-1800 and for the ladies. Congrats to IM Daniel Anwuli once again on his victory.

You can visit to view the games.

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