IM Odion Aikhoje wins Memorable OLCC MALOGY invitational S1 Arena

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IM Odion Aikhoje

IM Odion Aikhoje(odirovski) convincingly won the OLCC Malogy invitational arena (season 1) organized by the Orchid chess club and Malogy Limited exclusively organized for Nigeria’s best top 20 players and some chosen wildcards. It was a fight of gladiators as players battled their way to the top to grab the first prize of 30,000 naira. However, IM Odion Aikhoje showed that he was one of the best to contend with and won the online tournament convincingly taking along with him the first prize.

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Odion Aikhoje2
IM Odirovski. Image: The ChessDrum

Prizes were also awarded to the top ten(10) players and three(3) top wild cards. This is season 1 and we are definitely expecting more of this!

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