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 KeenChess International lands in the chess scene with features deserving of attention by the community. There is quite a lot in stock to gain from this new chess entity. How Much You Know is a unique feature of KeenChess International. Sign up on for access to How Much You Know.

how much you know

How Much You Know is a trivia hosted by with an aim to educate African chess players  and players across the world, while also entertaining and rewarding them. Thousands of questions have been carefully and uniquely crafted to fit the purpose of the trivia. Easy to understand and affordable, KeenChess International set up this initiative as an alternative to chess tournaments and an addendum to expand the chess horizon in Africa and beyond in its own unique way. The following are perks of participating in Keen Chess’s How Much You Know;

1. Faster way to study and get more acquainted with chess

point 1

  Chess, as we know, is an extremely broad board game, which is a feature worthy of its “Royalty Game” title. Chess has hundreds of millions of players worldwide, and quite a percentage of this figure aims to improve on their playing skills and ultimately achieve the highest level of mastery—notwithstanding, they would need to go through thousands of hours of intense study. For instance, studies ranging from strategy to tactics to history to ethics and so on. How Much You Know comprehensively emphasizes on all.

Having a wrong knowledge of a concept will, immediately, be corrected which is another perk of playing the trivia. It tests one’s knowledge on chess, and makes sure they carry the correct information at the back of their minds. In addition to this, it offers a solution to the complaints many chess players make about studying being too boring. With thousands of questions created, and a steady inflow of questions to curb repetition, KeenChess aims to trigger rapid growth.

2. KeenChess offers monetary reward for knowledge and enthusiasm


  Most monetary rewards gained by chess players with fiery passion are through chess tournaments that comparatively do not occur with high-enough frequency. How Much You Know is not just the combination of a chess lecture and examination hall, it can also serve as an avenue that rewards passion and commitment to chess. Unlike other avenues, the rewards from KeenChess’s How Much You Know are guaranteed after reaching certain stages on the Reckoning. The rewards inspire chess players to seek more knowledge through studying and gives players the right exposure to guide them in their studies. Apart from the Reckoning, How Much You Know also presents other means in which chess players can get rewarded for their enthusiasm through its Leaderboards propelled by bonus Hashtags that are acquired and accumulated from performing certain tasks on the Trivia page.

3.  KeenChess Trivia helps with thinking speed

point 3

  A highly valid factor to consider when engaging in an activity to be deemed entertaining is speed. Speed is also subjective, That is to say what might be slow to one, can be seen as fast to another but it is a common theory in several instances that the quicker the activity, the more entertaining it becomes. Likewise, How Much You Know helps to improve the quickness of one’s thinking, and this can be applied in various day-to-day activities outside the world of chess. With timing ranging from 10 to 20 seconds according to difficulty level, How Much You Know has been designed to provide enough time needed for a player to consider a question and proceed with an answer without reliance on contraband aids.

4. Offers improved chances to players with lesser gameplay strength

point 4

  The purpose of the Time Scramble stage on How Much You Know is to ensure that there’s a decent chance given to players that might not cope in a chess tournament. Meanwhile, they are quite enthusiastic and theoretically sound in the game. Importantly, it significantly increases their chances of being rewarded on How Much You Know than in tournaments. Therefore, creating a balance between players of various strengths. In this stage, experience and general awareness might count more than gameplay strength.

5. Helps with blindfold chess acquaintance

point 5

  Blindfold chess is an activity that denotes a competent memory and an active mind. In the world of chess, playing blindfold is a highly respected skill that every chess player willing to achieve true mastery has to consider learning. Paying more attention to skills like these could be a telling factor that bolsters the chess culture in West Africa. How Much You Know pays attention to this highly-respected skill by creating several questions and puzzles based on strictly chess notations. In conclusion, this is to help players to hastily make use of their imagination and memory capacity to come up with solutions in order to see them advance further in the Reckoning.

6. Boosts healthy competitive spirit


  Competition triggers improvement in an individual or group. So the spirit of competition can serve as an extra motivation to do better in order to yield better results. Competitiveness is most prominent in the Time Scramble stage of the How Much You Know Trivia where players strive for progress to the Reckoning from the Lobby. This competitiveness does not end on the Time Scramble stage as it continues all the way up the Reckoning and even on the Hall Of Fame feature meant for players successful in the trivia. Competitiveness also extends to Leaderboard where players, again, strive to attain a spot as high up the leaderboard as possible, in order to qualify for a range of rewards from KeenChess. In addition to the competitiveness presented by chess tournaments, How Much You Know presents competitiveness from new dimensions.

7. Entertaining and relieves stress


  Taking part in exercises including brain exercises helps reduce stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. Similarly, after a strenuous activity or a hectic day at school or work, How Much You Know Trivia would be a decent go-to option to help you settle down and relax while stimulating the production of the much-needed endorphins.

   In addition, unsuccessful players in the Time Scramble stage are further compensated by granting them the luxury to spectate the successful players and see how they fare on the Reckoning. After that, players screened out in the Time Scramble stage reserves the ability to draw knowledge packed in the Reckoning.


How do I participate in the trivia?

Register as a member of, fund your wallet, and purchase Keens to gain access to the Lobby.

What is a Keen?

A Keen is a pass that is purchased to be allowed access into the Lobby.

What is a Lobby?

A room where registered players undergo a Time Scramble question, and the first two players to answer correctly will each have a chance on the Reckoning.

How many players in a Lobby?

It depends on the Lobby category.

How many Lobby categories are there?

There are two lobby categories.

A. The Pawn Lobby

B. The Rook Lobby

How many players in the Pawn Lobby?

A minimum of 15 players and maximum of 30 players.

How many players in the Rook Lobby?

A minimum of 10 players and maximum of 20 players.

What is a Time Scramble question?

A single question with multiple answers arranged in a specific order thrown in the Lobby where the fastest player(s) to attempt it correctly in three trials gets to the Reckoning.

How do I get to the Time Scramble stage?

Enter the lobby and wait for a notification through the bell symbol at the menu bar. Click on the notification to enter the Time Scramble Stage. Read more on Lobby Rules.

What is a Reckoning?

This is where the player(s) that make it past the lobby will aim to attempt the questions and stand a chance to win the grand prize.

How many players get to the Reckoning in every trivia session?

1 in 15 players qualifies for the Reckoning in the pawn Lobby while 1 in 10 players qualifies for the Reckoning in the Rook Lobby.

How many questions per Reckoning?

There is a maximum of 15 questions.

How long to attempt a question?

It varies with checkpoints. Each player has 10 seconds from questions 1-5, 15 seconds from questions 6-10, 20 seconds from questions 11-15.

What happens if time runs out?

If time elapses and the question is yet to be answered, that will automatically be the end of the road for the player, and the player would claim the prize of the previously attempted question before question 6 or be retracted to the prize on the previous Checkpoint after question 6.

What is an Assist?

An aid provided to help players on the Reckoning on certain questions.

How many Assists are there?

There are four Assists available in the Rook Lobby and three Assists in the Pawn Lobby. One of which is a special Assist.


To change a question in the same question number.


To increase the time assigned to a question by 15 seconds.


Eliminates two wrong options and leaves a wrong option and a correct option.


This is a special Assist that surfaces after reaching the first Checkpoint, and it gives players the luxury to exit the trivia with the prize they are currently on, independent of Checkpoints.

A player can use all assists once in a Reckoning.

What are Checkpoints?

Checkpoints are the guaranteed level a player reaches to secure a certain percentage of the grand prize.

Can two players play simultaneously on the Reckoning?

Yes but not on the same page. Other players that do not make it past the Lobby will have the opportunity to watch live and learn more from those playing on the Reckoning.

How often do the Lobbies occur?

Each Lobby session will occur in an interval of 3 hours, providing space for only six(6) Lobby sessions in a day—starting 9AM and closing 12AM.

What is a Hashtag?

Hashtag is a bonus token that rewards performance for certain activities. Hashtags accumulates on the Leaderboard.

What is a Leaderboard?

A standing based on accumulation of Hashtags in order to determine monthly winners for special prizes.

What is a Hall Of Fame?

Grand prize winners are displayed here.

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