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  • What Is Material Advantage In Chess? –

    What is Material Advantage in Chess? Material refers to the number of pieces and pawns on the board. An advantage in chess refers to a situation where you have an…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

  • Why Are Rooks More Important Than Bishops?

    Why Are Rooks More Important Than Bishops? To evaluate the bishop vs. rook comparison, you need to look at a basic evaluation of both pieces to see how you can…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

  • Do I Have to Say Check in Chess?

    Do I have to say check in chess? When you play against a computer, it doesn't allow you to play any move when you are in check unless it evades…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

    how to win at chess
  • Can The King Jump In Chess? You’ll Be Shocked!

    The King is the most valuable piece on the chessboard, but how much do you know about this royal piece? Can it move two steps like a pawn, can it…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

  • What Do Chess Players Write Down? Simple Introduction To Chess

    You must've seen some chess videos from top events, and each time a player makes a move, they record the move. Why is that? Is it compulsory? What do chess…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

  • 5 Reasons Why Chess Is So Popular

    It's no longer news that chess's popularity has boomed in recent years. You turn here, you turn there, you see people playing chess. Through this post, we're bringing you 5…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

  • The Trump Family Has A Great Chess player : Is

    The name Trump is synonymous with power, authority, influence and prestige. One very famous bearer of that last name is a billionaire business magnate, socialite and until recently, the President…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

  • Stop Losing Won Games: 7 Tips On How To Prevent

    How To Prevent Stalemate In Chess? You're sitting on the other side of the chessboard and your eyes are laser-focused on the board. You played the opening perfectly and as…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

  • How To Capture The Queen In Chess: The Ultimate Chess

    How To Capture The Queen In Chess? The Queen is the most powerful piece on the chessboard. She has the highest value point, a wide range of mobility (a queen's…

    Chessforsharks Editorial Team

    how to capture the queen in chess

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