Dubov In #TeamCarlsen – Russians Accuses Him Of Going Against Defeated Fellow Countryman, Ian Nepo

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After successfully defending the world championship title against challenger Ian Nepomniachtchi, Magnus released a 3-minute video revealing the identities of those that worked with him regarding his preparation for the match. These persons includes GM Peter Heine Nielsen, GM Laurent Fressinet, GM Jan Gustafsson, GM Jorden Van Foreest and GM Daniil Dubov. 

It’s not exactly surprising to see Dubov in the team since he worked with Carlsen in his last world championship match against Caruana. However, the Russians are not taking it well seeing that Dubov worked with Carlsen to defeat fellow countryman, Ian Nepo.

Notable figures in the Russian community have gone ahead to register their displeasure in the entire role played by Dubov. 

Here’s what popular Russian grandmaster, Sergey Shipov had to say: 

“Oh, Danya, Danya… Why? How much for? Why could you not take a break for one match or commentate on it on any internet stream – brightly and talentedly!” 

Another notable figure, Ilya Levitov, former Russian Chess Federation president expressed shock in hearing about the fact that Dubov helped Magnus for the match.

But here’s what Dubov himself had to say speaking to Championat –

” The fact that someone might not like it isn’t news. This isn’t the first time I’ve encountered this. I take this relatively calmly.

It’s not a problem for me. I don’t think for Ian either. I don’t know where the idea comes from that a Russian should not help a foreigner prepare for a title match with a Russian. Not a great mind, perhaps.

There are imperial ambitions – everyone is working against us, everyone is enemies. Especially if something doesn’t work out for us.

In general, logically, you can look at all this differently. From the point of view of the Russian national team: one of the best Russian chess players, relatively young, worked with the best chess player in history – he gained experience that will help in his career.

For example, after my previous collaboration with Magnus, I won the World Rapid Chess Championship. This is also how you can look at the situation. Or you can see it in the context of ‘your own and strangers’.”

The below screenshot shows GM karjakin, a key member of #teamNepo taking a subtle shade at Dubov assisting Carlsen.


Now what do you think about the entire situation? Is Dubov at fault here or are the Russians just overreacting? Will love to hear your views!

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    • Bright C Bwalya

      Nothing is wrong . That game was individual between two brains not between countries. Now if that Young GM Dupov was not invited to the party and was approached by the other camp. NOTHING WRONG MAY BE IF IT WAS A TEAM WORK.

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