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chess tactics

how chess players train

How Chess Players Train: The 5 Best Tips To Become A Great Chess Player

  • 10 min read

You’ve got to work the RIGHT WAY to make it to the top as a player.  In this article, we’ll recommend tips on how you can achieve that Top Player status.  We’ll also reveal quality chess books to read, training routines to follow, and lots more on how chess players train! Are You Good At Chess? Learn… 

Tempo in chess or Tempo chess

Simple Breakdown Of Chess Tempo

  • 5 min read

Imagine you could move your pieces more than once each turn while playing chess. Making multiple moves per turn increases whites’ first-mover advantage because development is much faster, and white can rapidly set up their pieces to gain an edge. What is Chess Tempo? Tempo is an Italian term that means time. However, in chess,…