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chess training

how chess players train

How Chess Players Train: The 5 Best Tips To Become A Great Chess Player

  • 10 min read

You’ve got to work the RIGHT WAY to make it to the top as a player.  In this article, we’ll recommend tips on how you can achieve that Top Player status.  We’ll also reveal quality chess books to read, training routines to follow, and lots more on how chess players train! Are You Good At Chess? Learn… 

In chess, can a King kill a King?

Can A King Kill A King In Chess?

  • 5 min read

A king in Chess can move one square in any direction. Its power grows as the game progresses toward the endgame. However, can a king kill a king in chess? The King is the most important piece in Chess; the commander of the entire army. Therefore, it must be protected from checks and must avoid… 

improve your chess rating

How To ‘Magically’ Improve Your Chess Rating As A Beginner in 6 Simple Stages

  • 5 min read

We’re sure you read that title and were like, “Wow, I’ll love to know this magical way to improve my chess rating!” If you’re one of those, you’d need to read this article. But here’s a little twist. We lied — there’s no magical way to improve your chess rating but hey! So we’ll offer… 

Online chess courses to study

5 Best Online Chess Lessons To Help Improve Your Chess Skills

  • 8 min read

In the article, we’ll be looking at some of the best online chess lessons available on various popular chess websites. It’s known that chess lessons can help improve your chess game and improve your rating/playing strength rapidly. But it’s difficult to judge which chess lesson is the best, especially for individual rating levels and this…