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The 2 Move Checkmate: Win Your Game Fast!

The game of chess requires deep thinking and strategy. Every move has to be calculated and precise. Chess games between two very strong players could go on for hours.

However, this doesn’t mean every chess game must be a long and time-consuming affair. 

Although it’s not a regular occurrence, a chess game can end in seconds. It might sound funny to an advanced player, but it’s true. When your opponent plays certain moves that blunder, you can take advantage of them, and win the game early on. 

This article will explain exactly how you can take advantage of your opponent’s mistakes.

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What Is A 2 Move Checkmate? 

The two-move Checkmate, also called the Fool’s Mate, is a combination of moves in a chess game that allows the player with the black pieces to checkmate the white king in two moves. 

Although the 2 move checkmate is the fastest checkmate possible, it relies heavily on the other player making two extraordinary blunders that do not give a strategic advantage. Because of this, the 2 move checkmate is less likely to be found in top-level games.

Chess Beginners, however, are very likely to fall for the trap as they do not fully understand the principles of chess and have not completely grasped the idea of how the game is played. 

The 2 move checkmate might also occur in bullet chess (a chess game played with 2 minutes or under on the clock for both players). This checkmate may occur in bullet as the player may be moving the pieces so fast that they do not focus on what’s happening over the board. 

The odds of you successfully pulling off a 2 move checkmate or Fool’s Mate are extremely high, and they rely almost completely on the other player’s inexperience or board blindness. 

That being said, knowing how to exploit your opponent’s errors is a crucial skill in chess. For example, learning the 2 move checkmate might come in handy in case you face a player who doesn’t know about it or a player who plays very badly in the opening.

Also, learning the 2 move checkmate will improve your knowledge of chess principles and enable you to apply them in ways that they reflect in your gameplay.

The Steps That Lead To A 2 Move Checkmate 

As we earlier stated, the player with the black pieces has the chance to win the game very quickly using the 2 move checkmate technique. The steps for performing the 2 move checkmate are: 


White moves his pawn on the f square: The player with the white pieces always starts first in a chess game. The wheels of the 2 move checkmate start rolling when white moves his pawn to either f3 or f4. In doing so, white opens up a direct line of attack on his king.

2 move checkmate
White plays f3


Black plays the moving pawn to e6: After black’s f-pawn moves, a diagonal line of attack is opened for black to exploit. However, playing e6 opens up the diagonal of the Queen and sets the deadly trap.

Black plays e6

Another advantage of playing e6 is that it doesn’t “overcommit”; even if your opponent does not play the expected response that leads to the 2 move checkmate, you’ll still have a solid set-up to continue playing your game.

Unlike white, when black plays e6, he doesn’t have to worry about the king’s safety. There are no open files that may expose the king to counter-attacks from white. 


White plays the move, pawn to g4: The moment white plays pawn to g4, the final nail is hit on the coffin, and you can start celebrating as the game is almost over. 

White plays g4


Black plays Qh4, and it’s game over: After your opponent plays g4, you move your Queen to the h4 square, and the game is over; Checkmate! How’s it checkmate? Well, the king has no flight squares to escape to, the queen cannot be captured, and the attack on the king through the h4-e1 diagonal cannot be blocked!

The Queen on h4 delivers checkmate

And there you have it! The fastest way to win a game of chess. Study this move order, and you’re sure to win many games against people who fall into the trap.

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Note that the two-move checkmate is a “lazy” beginner’s idea of winning a chess game easily. If you need to go down the natural road of winning chess games with the power of the mind, you should consider learning how to win at chess.

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